Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fashion and Beauty: Trove Treats

When you think of the words 'recycled fabric', fashion and beauty may not automatically come to mind. But with a little creativity and some experimentation, Sarah Jeffery is able to turn materials destined for the landfill into delightful accessories that really make a statement. Sarah's shop, Trove Treats, is a living example that one person's trash can definitely be another person's treasure.

I asked Sarah about the creative process behind her recycled creations.

'I started creating on a whim. I had been collecting buttons and beads for a while [but had] no real intention of doing anything with them. Then one day I decided to make some bracelets out of [pieces from my collection].' Sarah had so many compliments on her bracelets that she started experimenting with different forms and styles.

'I use as many recycled materials as possible [and try] to incorporate at least one recycled aspect into each new creation...I love old buttons and beads, but have also grown to appreciate vintage, recycled, and new fabrics.' Sometimes [I find] great fabric [ from] clothing bearing stains or marks that make them useless in their original capacity...Old fabric scraps, buttons, and belt clasp are also great finds.'

'I believe that we can all [strive to] live [a] little bit greener...I use materials close to home as much as possible, and waste as little as possible, so that I am [reducing my carbon footprint]. If we make an effort to live slightly more sustainable lives, it [will be] good for the environment and economy!'

Sarah's travels have inspired her both creatively and in her efforts to stay green. 'I was in China last year...They recycle everything and even their street sweepers [use] brooms made from old branches and twigs, rather than industrially-made conventional brooms. [And] in Shanghai they plant 100 trees a day.' In the future, Sarah hopes to continue travelling to gain inspiration from different cultures and countries.

You can check out more of Sarah's creations in her online shop Trove Treats, her webpage, or her facebook page.


  1. Interesting interview, I love items created from recycled materials! :)

  2. I love recycling, in all of its many forms! I've given you an award of sorts, please visit my blog for details. Have a happy Sunday! :)