Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Green Living: Pretty Lovely Painting

Looking around my room, I'm wondering how many of the items that were bought from a big box store could have been made by hand, with love, from an artist in an environmentally conscious way. It's definitely something to think about.

I had the chance to talk with one recycle artist, Meli Anna, about the creative process behind her eco-friendly, hand painted key racks, coat racks, and writing journals.

'Believe it our not, I started painting with my little girl, now 5 years old...Just for the fun of it. [Now] I work with little businesses around my neighbourhood and I recycle their "waste". The great thing about recycling [is that] you [never] know what will come [into] your hands next. You just try it.'

'I think there is too much of everything in this materialistic world. But I also understand the desire of the spirit to create and [produce] something lovely.' The secret for Meli Anna is to fulfil her creative spirit by making lovely items for the home using recycled items.

'Nature really inspires me, birds in particular. Their peace and calmness is just adorable.'

In addition to her creations, Meli Anna just started writing a blog about spiritual book reviews. 'I love spirituality. I read at least a book a week about self growth, emotional cleansing, the cosmos, and different religions.'

'I think love is the most potent power. It enables you to do anything you dream of!'

Meli Anna's outlook on life is really refreshing. When I asked her about plans for the future, Meli Anna told me, 'No plan at all. I like [the] surprise...I don't think we really control our future...we just do what we are meant to do.'

You can check out Meli Anna's creations for the home in her online shop Pretty Lovely Paining, or follow her new blog here.

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