Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fashion and Beauty: Made by MJ

Here is the question I bet you're all dying to know....
'Can I be fashionable and still be eco-friendly?'
The answer? Emphatically YES! ...But it will take a little more time and work. You've gotta shop around, and you've gotta do your homework. Beware of products that sound green but don't deliver.

Bummer right? Well, sometimes it can be frustrating, I will admit, but it can also be an adventure! An eco-find is a beautiful thing. And when you know that good environmental practices went into making and selling the product your shopping suddenly turns into a treasure hunt!

I'm here to help on your hunt for green fashion and beauty. I spoke with MJ, owner of made by MJ, to find out what inspires her one-of-a-kind eco designs.

'I have always [been creative], both my parents are artists. MJ started out making bags as gifts but has now branched out, expanding her collection to include purses, totes, iphone/ipod and blackberry cases, cosmetic bags, and diaper bags, to name a few. I'm inspired by nature [and] love working with colourful [fabric].'

'I use upcycled and recycled fabrics as well as eco felt in all my projects...I just don't like seeing great fabrics getting thrown away just because they are slightly used.'

Now, eco felt is a really cool product! It's made from 100% recycled, post-consumer plastic bottles. I didn't even know that was possible before today. Hooray for learning.

In the future, MJ would love to create her one-of-a-kind bags, purses, and cases full time. You can help support this eco artists by checking out her online shop!


  1. Great Find and such a sensible subject. Eco + Fashion = EcoChic!!

  2. You definitely do have to do research, but it's worth it. :) You can feel great because you know you're not harming the earth any more than you need to! Thanks for sharing! :D