Thursday, March 3, 2011

Green Living: Lindsay's Lovely Candles

When you see something as delicious as these cupcake candles, pictured above, it's hard to believe that the three R's (Recycle, Reduce, Reuse) went into their production. What I love about these cute little candles is that they show us that practically everything we do in life (even making fun purchases) can become a little greener. Cupcake candle, you inspire me!

I had the chance to talk with Lindsay of Lindsay's Lovely Candles, to hear how she makes her candles in an environmentally conscious way.

Lindsay got her creative start back in 2007. 'My sister had a great idea to start making soaps, candles, and body products for extra [money]. We made [just] about everything bath and body you could think of.' When it came time for Lindsay to move away from her sister, she wanted to continue creatively on her own. '[At that time], I realized what I was really good at, making candles.'

I can tell that Lindsay's creative juices get revved by making candles. She gets excited by new fragrances and inspired by upcoming holidays. 'Holiday's are my favourite. It's so fun to create [candles] let's say for Valentine's Day; I [experiment with] romantic perfume, or red and pink [colours].'

'I try to use recycled wax whenever possible...its fun to turn old candle [wax] into new and delicious smelling candles! [Also], I always reuse packing materials- bubble mailers, boxes, packaging. Not only is it easier on my wallet, but it's great for the environment.'

'I hope that [in continuing] to grow my business, I can find more ways to keep it green.'

From production to packaging, small business and large can take a cue from Lindsay's Lovely Candles by incorporating the 3 R's every step of the way.

Check out more of Lindsay's Lovely Candles, and additional crafts in her online shop.


  1. What a fun feature. And it's really cool that she can reuse old candles to make new ones. Where does she find her materials? I would think one would need a lot of old candles to make all those cute cupcakes!

  2. great idea on reuse and reuse of packing materials. I do the same in my business. I use everything I can which saves me a great deal of money when shipping to my customers.

  3. Cute cupcakes! Reusing packaging material is definately a great choice. The stuff I do buy comes from Caremail- their products are affordable and beautifully green!